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CCTV Solutions

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Systems) are a fully secured monitoring system. The systems range from simple 1 camera / 1 monitor setups for a small store, to large-scale hundred camera systems with multi-monitor viewing rooms for a large commercial establishment.

The systems can be centrally managed, have 24/7 monitoring capability, and can be discreet enough to not be noticed, or exposed enough to be a deterrent.

CCTV systems come in a range of sizes. Further information is also available about DVR 's and Cameras .

The most basic system would be 1 camera and 1 monitor. This is ideal for monitoring small commercial or residential establishments. This system would require a quick and easy installation, with minimal outlay.


The next step up would be to monitor images from 4 cameras on 4 screens in real time, and to record the images on a DVR at the same time. This shows real crime-prevention results in small locations, as it allows efficient monitoring of goods and crowded locations. This setup is ideal for medium sized commercial or residential establishments.

For real time monitoring, and when playing back the video, you can watch 4-screen display of camera images from 4 locations, on one screen, you can switch automatically between locations with a full screen display, or freely select one camera image. Image

Camera images from a maximum of 16 or 32 cameras in real time can be displayed on a 16/32 camera system, and also record onto a DVR. This is ideal for locations with a large floor area requiring many cameras.Besides being able to monitor in real time and playback multiple camera images (16,13,10 and 4-screen) with the DVR, it is also possible to view live and recorded images remotely over the Internet. This is ideal for a large commercial establishment.


Without using an external alarm sensor, the DVR can detect movement on the monitor screen and go into "Active Record" mode, which will continuously record the movement at a higher quality.

Even 24-hour day/night monitoring is possible. The same level of monitoring at night time as during the day is possible using a day/night camera, built-in IR illumination camera, or IR response camera. This means even with limited personnel you can thoroughly monitor large areas after hours and in the dark.


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