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Effective video surveilance is a critical key to any business's loss prevention plan. Ensuring video quality isn't sacrificed by poor lighting, ensuring IP cameras operate effectively without using too many network resources, ensuring cameras are placed in strategic locations to effectively capture the best evidence, all of these things make up an effective video surveillance plan. ILPS has been working with retailers and commercial businesses to ensure they have an effective video surveillance plan for over 25 years , working with commercial office buildings, car dealerships, grocery stores, drug stores, and big box hardware stores. Each client's needs are unique and ILPS works with each client to address those unique needs and works to find a system that suits those needs.

ILPS installs both traditional analog CCTV systems as well as IP based and hybrid systems. If you're looking to upgrade your system most often we can work with your original wiring, allowing you save the costly expense of re-wiring your business. Our systems come with as few a 4 cameras and as many as 100+ cameras, can be stand alone units or can be securely and discreetly mounted to a wall or in a server rack, can be simple recording systems used to capture the best evidence or can be utilized as complete marketing and loss prevention tools utilizing the latest in video analytics.

ILPS works with name brand commercial quality CCTV products. All of our products offer a full warranty on parts and labor, and all of our products are installed by professional technicians with years of industry experience.

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