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ILPS has been installing CCTV cameras since they cost thousands of dollars and were the size of a small appliance. Thankfully, price and size have both gone down and quality has gone up. We have the expertize and experience to work with our customers to find the right camera for their job

Through our network of distributors we are able to provide cameras to suit any budget and fit any need from IP and Megapixel HD cameras, box or bullet cameras, dome cameras, height strip cameras, to conventional or more elaborate covert cameras.

Here's a brief run down of what it all means

IP and Megapixel cameras

IP and Megapixel cameras are digital cameras designed to work with either a hybrid video recorder or a network video recorder. IP and Megapixel cameras are being priced more in line with conventional analog cameras and offer far greater video quality then their analog cousins. Often IP and Megapixel cameras are refereed to as HD CCTV cameras

Box and Bullet cameras

Box or bullet cameras get their name from the shape of the camera. These are the cameras one would typically see mounted in a weatherproof housing or hanging from a mounting bracket either on the ceiling or a wall. Box cameras will typically have an external lens attached to them that offer both wide angle options as well as wide dynamic features. Bullet cameras are typically set at a fixed focal point and are easy to adjust. Bullet cameras are best suited for indoor applications in small areas.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras work well both indoors and outdoors. Dome cameras are discreetly hidden behind smoked acrylic domes so one can not see where the camera is pointing. Dome cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and offer the same features such as wide angle lens and wide dynamic settings as the box cameras. Dome cameras also come with IR illumination to provide video capture in total darkness.

Height strip cameras

Height strip cameras are simply what the name says. The camera is discreetly mounted in a key location within the height strip and is attached next to an exit door of a business. The discreet camera captures a perfect face shot of someone leaving the premises.

Conventional and non conventional covert cameras

Conventional covert cameras are ones someone would typically find in your neighborhood spy store. They are tiny cameras hidden in conventional household or business objects. Non conventional covert camera installation is simply the act of building a tiny pin hole camera into a location where it will blend in with the environment and not stand out. We offer both types of covert cameras and can custom build an application to suit your needs

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